May 24, 2006
OVC builds on its cluster computing success.
Today St. Francis College informed OVC Corp that it wishes to expand the current Library cluster, previously installed by OVC, by 40 additional stations. This will more than double the size of the cluster. Because of the design of the OVC cluster this will be accomplished without bringing down the cluster. New machines will be added and brought online without interruption of services. This is a testament to the stability and expandability of Linux.

March 31, 2006
OVC Corp Streamlines the implementation of BBOne transaction server.

OVC Corp was instrumental in the integration of the BBOne Transaction server at St. Francis College, a Brooklyn Heights institution. Using a custom designed card reader and custom software we were able to quickly resolve all of the problems with the initial install.

January 10, 2006
OVC develops a high performance terminal services cluster for academic computing use.

St. Francis College, a Brooklyn Heights institution for 147 years, celebrated the opening of its new Academic Center today with a ribbon-cutting event officiated by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and St. Francis College President Frank J. Macchiarola, Ph.D., and Board of Trustees Chairman Thomas J. Volpe.

The Academic Center, a 35,000 square-foot facility adjacent to the College’s Remsen Street campus, houses a State-of-the-art library which includes a 34 station Thin Client computer lab. This lab is served by a Linux based cluster.

The cluster is comprised of six HP Dual Xeon Servers running Fedora core linux.Each server in the cluster runs Vmware and hosts several virtual machines. Among these virtual machines are a dozen Windows 2003 server machines and a group of four custom CentOS based load balancers utilizing Linux High Availability failover technology.

December 16, 2005
OVC deploys expanded Kiosk and Wifi based internet access.

St. Francis College, a Brooklyn Heights institution, contracted with OVC Corp to expand the Kiosk and Wifi access points available on campus. The sshowcase of this expansion is the Thomas J. and Anita Volpe Lounge, serving as a center of campus life for the College’s predominantly commuting student population. The Volpe Lounge offers wireless Internet access for laptop use and direct access to the internet through Linux based Kiosks. Similar access is provided throughout the schools buildings.

Over two years ago OVC Corp's founder designed and installed a dozen of these Kiosks for internet access in the caffeteria along with a few scattered throughout the building. Today we added a dozen more in the Volpe lounge alone.

These Kisoks are based on a commercially available HP thin client computer. All Kiosks boot from a central server allowing easy upgrades and changes. The operating system is Debian Linux based with many customizations. The Wifi and Kiosks use a custom captive portal to control access to the internet.

The kiosks are also used as a type of bulletin board for school activities. When the screens are inactive they provide a slideshow of current events. This slideshow is directly administered by Student Affairs thereby removing that responsibility from the IT department.

October 21, 2005
OVC integrates Info Kiosks with Datatel's Colleauge Database.

OVC Corp developed a custom workflow, including all necessary scripts and ODBC connectivity, to automatically update a pair of Lobby Information Kiosks. These kiosks are directly tied to the HR module in Datatel. When the Human Resources department changes an employees information in Datatel the changes are automatically propagated to the Kiosks in the lobby of the school. This has made the operation of of the Kiosks almost invisible.

September 26, 2005
OVC Corp completes a network intstall of EZ Dental software.

Today OVC Corp completed the network install of EZDental software for Florida Family Dental Care. We configured all office PC's for simultaneous access to the software and the office printer. We also created a complete backup solution for the customer.
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